Please call us with any questions regarding Salt
Water Chlorine Generators.

(M-F 8am - 6pm - Sat. 9am-2pm)

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...In one day our pool was transformed. Now our eyes don't burn, there is no chlorine smell and my wife says her skin and hair feel silky. - Thanks.
-B. Campbell

...I seriously do not miss the chlorine hassle.
- R. Atkin

...No more chlorine! It pays for itself. You guys are the best!
- G. Corson

...I installed it myself, the instructions were great!
- M. Baker

...We were skeptical at first, but I have to tell you, we both LOVE IT ! Thanks so much.
- C. & T. Sigler

...My husband easily installed our system in just over an hour and it's been running flawlessly.
- P. Westfall

...I wish I had switched a year ago.
- S. Faulkenburg

...The chlorine smell was almost unbearable for the first few hours after adding tablets to our indoor pool, now there's no bad smell and no wait to swim. Thanks!
- S. Benczedi

...Our lab was actually shy of the water before with chlorine, now we can barely keep her out of it.
- S. Ryan