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Frequently Asked Questions:







Q: Will the salt sting my child's eyes?
A: The salinity level in a salt pool is actually about the same as a teardrop, therefore it definitely won't hurt your child's eyes. In fact, most people report a soothing effect on their eyes.

Q: How much salt do I need to put in every week?
A: Because the salt system regenerates the salt there is no need to replace salt on a weekly basis. The only salt that you will need to replace is whatever amount is lost through splash-outs and water lost when you back flush your filter. This amount is very minimal (usually 20lbs. or less every 6-8 months)

Q: Do I still need to shock my pool?
There are many factors involved when you speak of "shocking" a pool. If your pool is surrounded by trees and has a tendency for algae growth, then you may still need some sort of algaecide. For most people in most environments the need to shock will be eliminated or greatly reduced, (maybe after a heavy rain, etc.).

Q: Can I use my existing D/E filter?
One of the great features of a saltwater pool is that it will allow you to use all of your existing equipment, including your current filtration system. Whether you have a sand, D/E, or cartridge type filter, the salt system will work side by side without any modifications. If you currently have a chlorinator, after the salt system is installed, you simply quit putting in the chlorine tabs. If you ever decide to go back to chlorine (but who would?) you would just turn the salt controller off and add chlorine tabs to your chlorinator.

Q: Can I install it myself?
The installation requires basic PVC plumbing and basic electrical. If you are handy and have these basic skills, self installation should not be a problem. The instructions for the installation are simple and easy to follow. Check with your local municipalitys as some require permits and licensed tradesmen.

Q: Will the salt hurt my pool equipment?
The salinity level is 9 times less than sea water and will not harm your pool equipment. Besides the low salinity, most pool equipment is plastic, including most pumps.

Q: How do I know which size system is right for me?
The first thing to do is figure out how many gallons of water are in your pool. This can be computed as follows:
average length x average width x average depth x 7.5 = # gallons
(example: 35'L x 15'W x 4'D x 7.5 = 15,750 gallons)

So a 35' long pool that is 15' wide and averages a 4' depth would contain 15,750 gallons of water. The CircuPool RJ 30 works great on all pools less than 30,000 gallons.

Q: Do I need to replace the existing water in my pool?
If you are presently using chlorine and the current water in your pool is in spec and stable, you do not need to change it (just add salt). If your pool is unstable, it is best to start out fresh.

Q: If I ever want to change back to chlorine can I?
You will always have the option of converting back to chlorine. Just turn off the salt controller and add chlorine tabs as usual. NOTE: I have never had anyone who switched to a salt system convert back.

Q: How much a month does it cost to maintain a salt pool?
The system draws less than 2 amps of current which equates to less than $5.00 a month on the average in electricity. The average user requires less then 50lbs. of salt per year and it sells for less then $10.00 per 50lb. bag. As you can see, the maintenance expenses are very low with a salt system.

Q: Where can I buy the salt for my pool? By the way, thanks for having this forum. It's great to have a place to get answers.
The salt for swimming pools can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowers, and pool supply stores. Water softener salt that is at least 99% pure works great.

It is our desire to inform as many people as possible about the salt water system. Although we offer the sale and installation of salt systems, we truly believe it is a superior system that makes owning a swimming pool so much more enjoyable. Whether you purchase your system from us or someone else, you are joining over 300,000 pool owners who do not miss the chlorine hassle.